I’m going to start off my first post with my trip to Prague.


At the start of the year I had in my mind I really wanted to go away for my birthday in April, instead of staying in horrible England! (which the weather actually turned out to be really nice on my birthday, typical) However I had no one to go with because my friends were either working or at Uni. It then became a little family trip as my parents said they would both come with me, so I thought why not I’m still going away – even if it is with my parents (although they tell me all the time I’m now too old to go on holidays with them!)

My first thought wasn’t “what’s the weather going to be like?” or “what shall we do when we’re there?”. It was what my airport outfit will be!

The most important question for me firstly is, what shall I wear to the airport?

For my airport outfit I wanted to be comfortable and as it was a fairly warm day I decided to wear a dress with long sleeves to compromise for the chilly flight. When I first bought the dress the slit was a bit too high up for me for just an everyday dress, so I sewed the slit a bit further down so I felt more comfortable. I accessorised it with a Levis belt, which I feel makes the dress more flattering, and paired with converse (the comfiest trainers ever, which I have in basically every colour) and a small bag that can fit my essentials in.

Who I flew with…

Because it was a little trip away I chose to go on budget airlines Ryanair on the way there and Easyjet on the return. By the way, Ryanair was probably one of the worst budget airlines I have flown with…

Whereas Easyjet, I always find them so nice and friendly!

Where I stayed…

I stayed in an Airbnb which I definitely would recommend for a city break. The apartment I stayed in was in a traditional Prague building and the actual apartment was kept very clean and had modern interior. Also, the Airbnb apartment was cheaper than hotels I found online so this was the perfect choice.

Outfit Details

Dress – Pretty Little Thing
Belt – Levis
Bag – Topshop
Shoes – Converse

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