Prague / Day One

The first full day of Prague we were proper tourists. We did lots of sightseeing and were exhausted at the end.

Our apartment was right next to the river so we started our day by walking up next to the river towards the Charles Bridge and The Old Town Square.

We made our way to The Old Town Square and came across a lot of people in the centre gathering around a clock. We then realised that they were all gathering around the famous Astronomical clock. They were waiting because apparently the clock is meant to do some show when it turns 12:00pm. It was a bit disappointing as when the clock struck 12:00pm nothing appeared to happen! It is the oldest astronomical clock still working in the world and it’s still a beautiful clock worth seeing.

In the centre of The Old Town Square there were lots of stalls. As it was Easter there was a special Easter market on with lots of food, crafts and confectionery stalls. If you fancy a drink or bite to eat there are many cafes and restaurants around the square. Of course if you want something slightly cheaper, like I did, you can find lots of places to eat in the side streets surrounding the square, which were just as nice.

After exploring The Old Town and having a bite to eat in the famous House Of Black Madonna, we walked across the Charles Bridge. Along the bridge there were lots of caricature artists, craft stalls and lively little bands playing music. It made the atmosphere and vibe along the bridge feel very happy, especially with the sun out.

On the other side of the bridge is the Castle so we walked another 10 minutes and up a LOT of steps to get there, but it was definitely worth it. Just before you see the castle you can look over the whole of Prague and the view was amazing!! With the clear skies and sun shining on the rooftops, and the river glistening, it just made Prague look even prettier.

We also had a look around the castle which was a lot bigger than I thought. It looked like a mini village inside. They even had a small market in there selling food and drinks. There are cathedrals inside the grounds that you can have a look in and also the well known Golden Lane. However some attractions inside you will have to pay to visit.

Outfit Of The Day

As the weather was quite warm (but not summer vibes just yet!) I decided to wear a shirt dress and a jumper. I wore the shirt dress underneath the jumper to create more of a casual feminine look. I wanted it to be more of a spring outfit rather than just wearing a thick jumper on its own. The jumper was a little bit long so I wore a belt so it sat a bit higher than the shirt dress. I’m obsessed with neon at the moment because I love standing out so neon green is perfect! I also accessorised it with a snake print green neon bag. I chose to wear a snake print bag because I am also loving this print and having two colours in it makes it stand out more against the same colour jumper. I wore black converse for a more comfy vibe with the black matching the belt and bag to tie it all together.

As my dad says “you can only wear three colours in an outfit”.

Outfit Details

Shirt Dress / Jumper / Bag – Pretty Little Thing
Trainers – Converse

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