So it’s been a while since my last blog post as life has seemed to have just got in the way, so here’s my next one – I hope you like it.

I’ve just returned from a week away in sunny Majorca. My initial plan was to go with friends but unfortunately that didn’t work out as most of them couldn’t get the time off. So I bit the bullet and decided to go away on my own – which I’ve never done before. 

I was very excited to go on my own but I don’t think my mum felt the same. She definitely did not want me to go on holiday on my own so it took a lot of persuading to reassure her that I would be fine. I had to remind her that my sister has been away travelling for a year and a half on her own , so a week is nothing…!

I decided to go to Palmanova in Majorca. On my flight over obviously I was trying to look to see if I could see the Love Island villa…which I couldn’t unfortunately. My sister actually thought when I said I was going to Majorca on my own, that I was going into Love Island, I was like ‘I wish!!!’

Who I flew with…

I flew with Thomas Cook airlines even though I had heard some stories that they weren’t the best and were one of the worst for delays, however I had a very positive experience with them. I wasn’t delayed and the staff were all very friendly and everything went smoothly. 

Where I stayed…

When I arrived at the hotel in Palmanova the staff were very friendly and efficient and the hotel was in a lovely location – I stayed in a 4* hotel, Ola Panama, close to the beach. The room was clean and very modern and I settled in quickly. I was looking forward to a relaxing week in the sun.

When I got to my room I dumped all my stuff down and went out for a walk to explore – I always like to do this when I arrive somewhere new so I can get my bearings and find out where everything is.

I then found out my neighbour was in Magaluf, only 20 minutes from where I was staying, and he invited me to crash his night out. So that was my first evening there – a not so relaxing night out in Magaluf!

My friend, Katie, managed to get a few days off work at the last minute so she decided to come meet me out in Majorca and she arrived on the second day I was there. Katie had the same idea as I did and wanted to spend her time relaxing by the pool catching a tan. Our evenings consisted of walks along the beach front and stopping at bars for cocktails. We did have one night in Magaluf together though…never again!

The rest of my holiday was spent pretty much the same as the first couple of days, relaxing, chilling by the pool and sunbathing just as I planned. 

Here’s a couple of outfits I did manage to get pictures of while out in Majorca. 

Outfit Details

Top – French Connection
Shorts / Bag – Topshop
Shoes – Office

Exploring Palmanova.

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – French Connection
Bag – Boohoo (Is a bum bag but removed straps to wear as a clutch.)
Shoes – Office

Outfit Details

Playsuit – Newlook
Shoes – Office

Evening by the beach front having cocktails. 

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