The Basics

The basic everyday look. Some days you want to up your look and other days you just want to be comfy BUT still look good…this is the perfect outfit.

I always just throw on a hoodie with leggings if I want to be comfortable and pair it with some Converse. You can never go wrong with Converse, it completes almost every look.

I finished the outfit off with a formal camel coat which will never go out of style. Wearing a formal coat with a hoodie just makes the outfit look a little less casual and probably more acceptable to go out in so I don’t look like I’ve just got out of bed!

Every 3 months I have a clear out of my wardrobe because half the time my clothes never fit and I have to decide whether I will actually wear this piece of clothing again. A couple years ago I threw away some wet look leggings because I hadn’t worn them in a while and I thought they probably won’t come back in fashion. Oh do I regret that now…So of course I had to buy some more and I’m glad I did, they are soooo comfy and will think twice about throwing them away again in the future!

I have also tried to buy some vinyl leggings but everywhere I buy them from they never fit my figure. I find it very hard to find leggings that fit me round the hips but also round the waist. It’s either they are too tight on my legs (and I can’t move) and fit on my waist or fit my legs and way too baggy around my waist (and just irritates me). Vinyl isn’t very stretchy so I kinda just gave up trying to find a pair. I’ll stick with wet look for now.

These Converse might not be for everyone but have definitely grown on me since I first bought them. I wasn’t quite sure about the animal print but then the more I looked at my current trainer collection I thought, I have way too many plain/black shoes. I started to like them more because they were different and I wouldn’t usually go for them. The clash of prints and bold colours make this relatively simple outfit stand out more.

Outfit Details

Hoodie & Leggings – PrettyLittleThing
Coat & Bag – Missguided
Trainers – Converse

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