Quarantine Outfits – No. 1

Hi, it’s me again – I’m back! I know I haven’t posted in a while and I know I say this a lot but I’m just getting use to this lockdown craziness.

Just thought I’d show you some of my ‘quarantine’ outfits I have been wearing during lockdown. I know this isn’t a normal situation but I want to make it feel as normal as possible for myself so I still want to look and feel my best.

The first few weeks of lockdown I have not found too hard – thank goodness. I have been lucky enough to continue working from home so that takes up the majority of my day. I’ve got a little desk with my computer on, hidden away in the back room, so I have no distractions and makes my day go a lot quicker because I am focused on work. All my family have also been lucky enough to keep their jobs because they are classed as key workers so we are all busy doing what we do and aren’t getting on each other nerves too much!

I really appreciate all the front line and key workers who are keeping the country going at this crazy time. Especially NHS workers who are doing an amazing job and I can’t forget about the delivery drivers too who are still delivering all my parcels on time!! Don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t shop online.

When working it does make me sad how the weather’s so nice and sunny at the moment and I’m just sat at a computer looking out of the window wishing I was at a pub garden with the girls or catching a tan (I’ve been fake tanning instead because I miss the sun everyday and it makes me feel better haha!)

Jeans and a nice top??? Correction **Joggers and a nice top now.

I’m loving this sage green colour at the moment and I’d say it’s my new favourite colour, so fresh and summery. I think this colour would compliment every skin type and hair colour. I felt the tie dye look was good enough be seen out in my local Co op – team it with a little denim jacket if it gets chilly in the frozen aisle! They are so comfortable and they look good, so I don’t feel like I am slumming it when wearing them. I paired with a cute crop top and some Air Force (when I went to my weekly essential shop). Obviously an oversized hoodie would also work with this look however don’t think you would need it as the weather has been so lush recently.

And…yes that is a Love Island bottle don’t judge me. Just practicing for when I go on it this summer? Kiana for Love Island 2020 – if this lockdown ever ends!

Outfit Details

Top / Joggers – Pretty Little Thing

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