Quarantine Outfits – No. 2

I had lots of plans for the year 2020 which included my 21st birthday; getting a new job; working out more by going to the gym and going on lots of holidays!

And then lockdown happened.

But I did start a new job ✔️ and I did start going to the gym ✔️ but the holiday part had to be put on hold (and of course I couldn’t stop my 21st from happening ).

I never used to leave the house much anyway so I think I am coping quite well with this lockdown haha!

As we’re not really going anywhere at the moment my outfits consist of either gym clothes or lounge wear. As it’s been quite hot recently it has been suitable to bring out the crop tops.

I don’t usually wear joggers (I’m more of a jeans girl) but as lockdown came I thought I cannot chill in jeans everyday, that’s just not okay. I looked EVERYWHERE for some normal black joggers and couldn’t find any anywhere as they were all sold out (people thinking the same as me). The only ones that I found, that hadn’t sold out in my size, were in Pretty Little Things ‘Shape range’. I know I haven’t got an hourglass figure, which is what their ‘Shape range’ is aimed at, but I thought let me try them and if they don’t fit I can send them back.

When I opened the package they didn’t look like they had any extra ‘shape’ to them which would fit someone with a curvier figure. I then tried them on and they actually fit me perfectly and weren’t any different to the normal range that they do. I can’t comment on the rest of the shape range but the black joggers were definitely not made for curvy girls! So just bear this in mind.

I find, to keep my mind positive in these uncertain times, it is important to stick to some kind of routine and try to do some sort of physical activity each day if I can. Sometimes I go on walks with my mum or do a workout with my dad, which I find keeps me feeling more motivated for the rest of the day. I try to get up at my usual time and do a mini workout in my bedroom which might include a 20 minute core or glute exercise during the week and a more intense workout at the weekends. After showering and dressing I feel ready to have a productive day instead of waking up late and not showering until 3 in the afternoon, feeling slumped and horrible all day with most of the day gone.

At the weekend I do workouts with my dad (who is like a gym head – gym is life to him) and he has got me doing loads of arm, chest and back workouts. While the gyms are closed, I am my dads new gym buddy but I am not sure if we will continue this after lockdown as he is a bit intense for me. As my goal is not to look like a bodybuilder, like my dad, I also do PT sessions at the weekend where he caters to my goals and is a lot less intense which works better for me!

The other day I even did the 5k run for the NHS – ‘Donate 5 Run 5 Nominate 5’…well I tried to run but it was more of a run a bit, walk a lot. As I liked to remind my mum who came on the run with me – I don’t do cardio!! So that killed me off for a few days I couldn’t work out and stopped my daily workouts haha!

I probably won’t be running any where any time soon!

Outfit Details

Top / Joggers – Pretty Little Thing

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