Quarantine Outfits – No. 3

I’ve shown you my casual chilling outfits in my previous posts that I wear when I’m working and relaxing, so when it comes to the weekend I sometimes like to make more of an effort. These joggers are leather look so can be worn inside the house and outside when quarantine is finally over. They can be worn as a casual look with a hoody or T-shirt with trainers or a dressier look with heels and bodysuit.

When I’m not working or working out I’m trying to catch up on my programs. There are so many things on my watchlist that people have recommended for me but I literally have no time to watch it all as I’m still working everyday (even Saturdays)!

A few things I’ve just finished watching that I would recommend:

The first thing I would definitely recommend watching is Gangs of London which is on Sky Atlantic. At first I wasn’t sure about it as the first episode was about 2 hours long and I thought I can’t watch this if it’s this long with no breaks, but after the second episode I was hooked. Just warning you if you like seeing heads blown off left, right and centre then this is the program for you. If not, then maybe give this a miss! It’s so gruesome but I loved it! It ended with a lot of unanswered questions so there will definitely be another season that I cannot wait for.

Another thing I have been watching is The Tiger King on Netflix. All I’m saying is Carole Baskin killed her husband and Joe Exotic is crazy. Definitely watch if you haven’t already. Love a good documentary. I now cannot stop randomly shouting “Carole Baskin” in Joe Exotic’s accent around the house and I think my mum found it funny at first and now it’s just annoying but I can’t stop myself.

I’ve also been watching Bulletproof which is a British Crime Drama program on Sky One and it stars Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke. It isn’t a proper serious crime program as they have little jokes between themselves but if you like crimes programs I’d give this a go. Might not be for everyone but I literally watch any crime drama.

Keeping up with the Kardashians. Always. Never get bored. Khloe is 100% my favourite.

I am also re watching all of Suits. I started it ages ago but only got up to maybe season 4 or 5 and now there is 9 seasons!! So I’m re watching it so I can remember what happened but it is A LOT to watch. Hopefully I don’t get bored of it. Currently on season 3, long way to go.

If I’m not watching Netflix I’m watching Disney+. As soon as I got it I binge watched all of the High School Musical films in one night. I was singing my heart out to all the songs right through to 3 in the morning. I couldn’t believe that I remembered all the songs, brought back so many good memories – like when me, my sister and our friend auditioned for Britains Got Talent when we were younger and sang “You Are The Music In Me” from High School Musical 2. Unfortunately, we were just too good to make it to the live shows.

What’s on my Netflix watchlist:

– Black AF
– After Life – Season 2
– Ozark (which has been on my list for like 2 years and I still have not started it)
– The Last Dance (another good sports documentary about the Chicago Bulls)
– White Gold (comedy staring Ed Westwick- why wouldn’t you wanna watch it!)

What’s on my Disney+ watchlist:

– Hannah Montana – series and film
– The Cheetah Girls – ALL 3 of them
– That’s So Raven
– The Suite Life of Zack + Cody and On Deck
– Cool Runnings

I could go on but there is just too many!!

I also just binge watched yesterday all of the Bring It Ons and now I want to be a cheerleader again.

Other things I’ve watched before which I would definitely recommend on Netflix:
– Queen Of The South (drama about a drug cartel soo good I was obsessed with this!)
– Good Girls (comedy drama about good mothers turn bad and rob a grocery store – probably not selling it but it is good)
– Jane The Virgin (romantic comedy telenovela)
– Elite (Spanish program about wealthy school students and a murder)
– The Good Place (sitcom about the after life, its funny!)
– On My Block (comedy about a group of young friends living in the dangers of south central Los Angeles)

Outfit Details

Bodysuit – Pretty Little Thing
Joggers – I Saw It First

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