Quarantine Outfits – No. 4

I think this last week I have gone a bit crazy.

Deliveries to my door almost every day. Ordering something different every day. I cannot stop. I’m turning into a shopaholic even more than I was before.

Buying clothes that I won’t even be able to wear anywhere. Saying to myself ‘I’ll buy this as it’s summery’ but forgetting we probably won’t have a summer as when lockdown really ends, it’ll be December and then I’ll need to buy warmer clothes and jumpers instead!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been wearing crop tops and bodysuits, but this last week I’ve been wearing long sleeves and hoodies everyday as it’s felt much cooler. I’m hoping it won’t stay like this as I won’t be able to wear all these new clothes.

I told myself I will be saving money this lockdown, but I lied to myself and haven’t saved at all. It’s been too hard to not spend when I’m bored.

I get bored of my clothes so easily and throw out loads every couple of months. When I said this to my friends they couldn’t believe I didn’t give these clothes to them- so anytime I get bored of my clothes now, they get first dibs!

Once again another quarantine outfit is a bodysuit with joggers. It’ll be hard to move away from joggers into jeans when this is all over as I am so used to them now. I probably won’t find jeans comfy at all anymore or even fit into them. More for me to buy!

At the moment you can see lots of oriental mesh clothing (I say everywhere but I’ve mostly been looking on Pretty Little Thing and they have a lot of it). They have lots of crop mesh tops and little co- ord sets which would look super cute to raves/festivals- if any were happening. As well as joggers I would wear this bodysuit with a cute leather skirt or jeans with heels to dress it up.

I think I said this about all my joggers, but I’ve decided these and my sage green tie dye ones (seen in my Quarantine Outfits: No 1 post) are probably my favourite to wear and I live in them. They’re so soft and loose enough and not too baggy.

I know you probably won’t notice my plain walls but they keep bothering me in all my pictures as it looks so boring at the moment, but don’t worry (not like anyone is haha) I have lots of plans to make it look modern and minimalist. I am just waiting for payday so I can go on a big spending spree in Ikea – I already have a wishlist of what I am going to buy. I am also waiting for lockdown to be over so I can eventually get my carpet re done so the room can feel more comfy and cosy as the vibe is very cold at the moment.

I do get bored really easily and wanted to re-decorate my room but my parents didn’t want to pay to get my room re done again so soon so I thought I will just pay and do it myself. As you can see, I have already painted it from a duck egg colour to white – which took me FOREVER to do because I had to go over it multiples times and I just couldn’t be bothered some days. Just waiting for the lockdown to be over now!

P.S. I hope everyone is doing okay and coping through this lockdown because I know I’m struggling. But now Boris has said we can see our friends with the 2 metre distance between us, I think this will help a lot. Getting out of the house and seeing a different face outside of your four walls will help your mental health. I’m still trying to stay positive and continue to go for walks after work, and making sure I don’t block out my friends and stay in touch even though sometimes I feel like I can’t be bothered because of my current mood. This is nearly over and hopefully we will be going back to normal soon.

Don’t forget to try to – start working out or workout more / learn to cook or cook more / do quizzes with your friends / arrange to speak to your family or friends every week and just try to stay busy.

Stay Safe, Love Ki x

Outfit Details

Bodysuit – PrettyLittleThing
Joggers – I Saw It First

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