Garden Event

It’s dress up for your garden season. I’ve missed being able to dress up and thought I’d take advantage of the only time I’ve left my house for a while and to dress like I’m actually going somewhere nice. The weather has been so nice, I 100% think that if this pandemic hadn’t happened this probably would have been one of the best summers.

So unfortunately my garden doesn’t look this nice – this is in my grandparents garden. My Nana is always in the garden and it pays off because it looks so pretty all the time! It’s definitely something that’s keeping her busy in this lockdown. Me and my mum thought we would go and surprise my grandparents just because we know it would lift their moods. I feel terrible for all the older people stuck inside and not being able to see their loved ones as they can feel so isolated. I’ve visited them a few times this lockdown bringing them some flowers (I know, top granddaughter) making sure they’re okay -usually just standing 2 metres away from their doorstep. My Nana isn’t very well so we were definitely careful not to be close to her. She’s also not able to leave the house so I feel like me and my mum checking up on her makes her feel a lot better and it is important to try and stay in touch with relatives even if you can’t see them.

The other day I went for a picnic with my friends and I think most people have been doing that as there’s not much else to do at the moment! It’s just nice to go out and see your friends without dressing up. I feel like I hadn’t seen them for ages, it was a relaxing time and it felt like there wasn’t even a pandemic.(social distancing of course..!)

Most of my friends have turned 21 during this lockdown, which has been slightly annoying, and this week it was our best friend Katie’s, so me and the girls went to surprise her, which was nice as she was having a BBQ that we kinda crashed, but was good for all of us to be together again- even if it wasn’t the way we had planned to celebrate!

I’ve been looking for cute summery dresses while I’ve been online shopping recently, but I can’t seem to find any I like. Maybe I’m just too picky but it’s either the pattern or the style that I don’t think will suit me, so I tend to stick to more plain clothes than patterns. There are some really pretty patterned dresses out there which look great on other people, but just not for me.

I love a shirt dress but my mum tells me I buy too many because they all look the same, but to me they are all different. They are different shapes and styles and can be worn in different ways. This one has frills which I love, worn with summer sandals but can also look good with boots in winter, heels to dress it up or trainers for that smart casual look. I also wear jumpers over a shirt dress in spring or autumn with trainers and pair it with a little back pack.

Another way to wear a shirt dress currently is pairing with knee high brown boots with a brown slouchy clutch bag, 70’s vibe with a cute hair pin or a tie scarf in your hair.

I’ve matched a pastel bag with this look, anything pastel will always be a summer vibe. The shoes are stolen from my mum.I never used to like them when she first bought them, but now I think they’re super cute and have worn them on a few different occasions.

Also I thought I’d make an effort and wear make up again as it’s been so long. I never usually wear make up anyway unless I am going out out. I feel like during this lockdown people have been able to let their skin breathe and treat it better. I’ve got a daily skin care routine which has helped my skin stay soft and clear but that can be for another post…I’ll leave you waiting for that.

Outfit Details

Shirt dress – PrettyLittleThing
Bag – Primark
Shoes – New Look
Sunglasses – Rayban

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